​In The Next 24 Hours...

​You Can EASILY Manifest Abundant
Health & Wealth Through The Power of Sacred Geometry


Dear Friend,
This Is NOT A Coincidence...

There is a pattern in play and you may think that you’ve “stumbled” upon this page but I assure you it is not.

You see…

​Through The Power of Yantra...

Everything which has happened to you has been led RIGHT UP to this very moment.

All the tragedies you’ve faced…

The hardships you’ve endured…

The disappointments you’ve felt…

​...Have Prepared You For What Is Going To Happen Next.

​Oh Precious One,
I Believe You Are Now Ready.

Ready to discover this ancient knowledge which will open your heart and mind to…


And show you the path to your TRUE PURPOSE.

​This Century Old Paradigm...

Will be the masterkey to the vault of questions you have in your heart.

Your worldview will shift from that of confusion to utmost clarity.

You will FINALLY understand the WHYs of your life because you now know that everything NEEDED to happen so that you can be prepared to receive something much bigger

And better.

And once you grab hold of this divine understanding…

All you have to do is induce simple positive patterns to create ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted.

​You Will Create...

Unlimited energy​...


Mental clarity​... 

Body confidence...

​A strong immune system and more…

 By being the healthiest version of yourself — in every area of your life.

Wonderful relationships with your:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

But more than that...

You may even turn the sour ones ​around and find yourself not just well-liked but looked up to!

All the wealth you’ve ever desired.

Imagine being able to just think about it and start to become rich!

Your favorite bungalow…

That supercar…

That summer beach holiday in any tropical country of your choice all year round…

It will feel like a miracle because IT IS!


You will receive all these gifts because you know that you DESERVE them.

But this Is JUST the Beginning...

​Because the ​secret of the power you are about to unlock will ​allow you to enjoy TOTAL abundance...

...As and when you like it.

I'm talking health...




And everything that represents ​A GOOD LIFE.

​Yes, you will be rewa​​​​​rded with your BEST Life ever.

In fact, if you follow me till the very end, I am going to promise you just how POWERFUL this system is.

​Now, you may wonder how I am going to prove it to you...

​In The Next 24 Hours...

You will powerfully experience real dollars and cents in your pocket.

​It will start with this.


​First thing in the morning, you wake up to money you can spend on ANYTHING you've ever wanted.

But along with that, you will realize that your health is back on track. With good health and great wealth, you are now empowered to travel to places you so desire, buy that house you saved so hard for and afford that dream car finally.

​You can literally enjoy the fruits of your manifestation without worries!

And this happiness will beget more happiness.

​It ​Is ​A ​Cycle of ​Joy!

Best of all, it has happened to thousands of others.

If you are still with me, I'll get to the exciting details in a few moments.

Allow me, firstly, to introduce myself.

Michael Tsering

​My name is Michael Tsering.

​And ​I am a spiritual seeker ​who specializes in sacred geometry. ​

My goal is to help you attain TRUE health, wealth​, love and happiness through the power of Yantra.

​I call this, Total Abundance​.

​And it is for everyone.

​If you ​have always been searching for something which will radically-transform your life for the better...

Look no further. 

Because, as I've said, the Universe placed you here for a specific reason — and I will be your guide moving forward (if you will allow me to).

But before I reveal the magic of Yantra, I want you to know me better...

Therefore, I will share with you a personal story which led me to where I am today.

Not long ago, ​I was lost...

​No, I don't mean physically-lost like how you get lost in the mountains etc...

What I meant is that I am spiritually-, mentally- and emotionally-lost.

You see, I ​thought ​that life ​is a game for those who can afford it.

And coming from a family ​with an income that is below-average, ​I never dared to ​imagine a life like this:

​...​I thought these things were reserved for the rich.

​And whenever I have that urge to ​think big...

The hope that one day, I will be larger than life...

​​To be able to afford to travel anywhere and anytime I wanted...

To buy my parents a big house so that they can retire comfortably...

To drive my favorite car...

I quickly dismissed them as far-fetched dreams.

At that point of time, I thought that I am ​chained to my situation. There is no way out except to ​work hard and go through life like everybody else... hoping that one day, there will be a breakthrough somewhere, somehow.

And so, I went back to being all depressed and blamed everything around me.

I turned to alcohol because I believed, then, that it ​was the only way out, however temporary.

I would go to work drunk...

Get into fights with my colleagues and supervisors...

Get fired...

Find a new job and repeat the toxic cycle again.

​I really thought that this is all there is to my life...

But I was dead wrong.

You see, the reality is that having TOTAL ABUNDANCE is not a result of our circumstances but our choices...

The choices we make, whether good or bad, will shape our PATTERNS which will, in turn, decide our life's destination.

​​I will also like to add that the Universe has a way with you because at that point of time, I really wanted to end it all.

​In all of my drunkenness and despair, I took to the knife for help.

​And as I stared at that blade, ready to slash my wrist and end it all, I ​heard a noise.

I looked out the window and saw a mover truck.

​And I will never forget the words I saw on its body:

​​"Every Choice You Make Forms A Pattern

Which Will 

Decide The Course of Your Life."

​That was my epiphany.

The pattern was obvious.

This was no coincidence.

It was the Universe SPEAKING TO ME ​through the POWER OF SACRED GEOMETRY.

​​Sometimes in life, when we need guidance the most, these signs show up to give us direction.

​At that point ​in time, ​it all happened fairly quickly for me...

I remember putting the knife down and there was a sudden resolve to get my life back on track again.

It was as if a higher power was molding my heart, mind, emotions and spirit.

​The bitterness I had towards my situation and the world was lifted.

This was the first sign.


​I didn't understand where this motivation came from — except for the fact that I know ​I can either allow positive or negative choices to shape my life forward.

Deep down ​within my heart, I know that something has changed ​and that there is MORE TO LIFE​. 

​This was when I decided to go on a personal quest to self-actualization.

Now, the problem is, many people whom I've spoken to don't know where to start — and it was the same for me. All I know is that I needed to find myself through studying spirituality.

I remember, vaguely, that I read about Yantra ​and mystical diagrams some time ago. And s​ince my life-changing decision involved a pattern, I decided to start there.

Little did I know that my life is going to change for the best...

Through countless hours of meditation and ​study, I ​started to understand how Yantra is formed in life throughthis very fundamental concept...

​Everything in existence has a symbol associated with it and Yantra can open the door for us to go deeper in our meditation and understanding of how energy is manifested onto the earthly plane.

Here's An Eye-Opener!

​​​The Sri Yantra is a manifestation tool that can be used to fulfill all worldly and material desires.

​It is a mathematically-precise design ​based upon the Golden ​Ratio or Phi.

​Based on this principle, it is believed that ​​everything that exists in ​the Universe is proportionally-constructed ​in a manner ​that is consistent with th​e Golden Ratio.

vitruvian man

​​From Leonardo Da Vinci's

'Vitruvian Man'...

​​​​...​To the Mona Lisa,

This sacred mathematical relationship is the definition of beauty. How good looking a person is also based upon this proportion. Some companies design their products following these guidelines to make their line of offers that much more appealing to their customers.

The Golden Ratio is basically the blueprint to perfection and understanding ​it will greatly benefit our manifestation efforts because, logically, we are now able to tap into our higher self ​on a mathematical level.

When you begin to understand this...

You begin to understand why your life is the way it is and how by ​weaving positive ​​​​patterns into it, you can ​wondrously manifest​:





​...And ​the way to induce positive patterns is to form a habit of raising your vibration to attract the right events and people.

This will, in turn, affect your financial...



And spiritual health.

This is TOTAL ABUNDANCE at work.

Let's ​stop to ​reflect on the concept of the mind for a moment.

​​Most self-help courses out there talk about the conscious-thinking of positive thoughts, the use of ​affirmations and taking action in the bettering of our lives.

​We think that it is enough to just follow the advice above and stop there.

Then we don't see results and start to feel ​discouraged.

​But ​This Is The Misconception.

​Because the fact is, there is a whole other world called the subconscious​​​​​​​ ​and that is even more powerful —

​​Neuroscientists have proven that our subconscious thought patterns are 10,000 times more powerful than those formed in our conscious mind.

Your conscious mind is only ​on the surface while your subconscious is ​​the main driver of your behavior and outcome.

​It's no wonder why people find it hard to successfully manifest the things they desire.

But I bring good news today...

There is a way out. And it's called:

"Yantra Manifestation"

​​On top of thinking on a conscious level, you should also focus on pattern-induction of your subconscious — this is a MUCH BETTER ​way to manifest effectively!

This works by what we normally call the process of "reprogramming".

In all reality, however, it really is a simple act of creating positive patterns in your brain.

​Now, you probably are wondering, why does Michael keep talking about patterns and what do they mean in our lives?

Have a look at this:


​This brainwave shows the Beta State — the state we spend most of the time in.

​At this state, everything is normal. ​

But in order to achieve TOTAL ABUNDANCE, there is a need to shift into the Theta State:


​In this state, our brain pattern reaches ​that of abundance through the release of negative patterns by the replacement of positive ones — this Sacred Geometry of the mind ​is also known as​ Yantra Manifestation.

​And ​The Second Sign Came... in the form of miracles!

​​As I begin ​to acknowledge the power of Yantra and channel my thoughts and energy into positive pattern-induction, ​miracles happened!


​Miracle 1: I was unemployed because of my drinking habit. But I snapped out of it and decided to focus on Yantra Manifestation and not long after, I landed my first gig as a copywriter for a client in the spiritual niche! (How apt!)

Best of all, I was paid USD8,000 upfront as a starting salary. No questions asked. Even telling you about it feels surreal!

​Miracle 2: I ​struggled with insomnia for a couple of months during the low period of my life. Coupled that with the stress of being unemployed and having to pay the bills, my immune system took a hit — I was falling sick all the time.

But I told myself I had to manifest health back into my life. And so I did — ​I expected a longer period of time and a great deal of effort to ​nurse myself back in shape. 

To cut the long story short, I was able to sleep much better; I felt literally more energetic than when I was in my 20s and I stop falling sick frequently.

Miracle 3: My ​​​addiction to alcohol saw me ruin precious relationships. M​y girlfriend of 8 years tried to put up with my nonsense but eventually left me because she's had enough.

​​I really wanted to fix things... but I wasn't confident that I could do so especially after hurting her with my behavior. And so I ​decided to set an intention — to focus on manifesting forgiveness from her.

True enough, she called me after a few days... we decided to meet up for coffee to talk things out and the rest was history.

​You see, through Yantra Manifestation,​ I found health, wealth and joy.

But more than just that, I found PURPOSE!

​My life ​star​ted to turn for the better!

​It didn't just stop after these miracles happened.

​After finding out what Yantra can potentially do for me, I started to incorporate it into my lifestyle.​​​​​​​​

​From that point forward, I ​am blessed to have manifested many wonderful things, including:

​My Dream Car...

​A Poolside Villa I Can Call My Home...


​A Job I Love Which ​Gives Me Location-Freedom...

​I can go on and on about everything good but here's the thing...

​If someone like me, who's been in the trenches before, can turn my life around, then this system CAN WORK FOR YOU TOO!

​Best of all...

​​You don't need to tread ​the difficult pathto unlock Sacred Geometry in your life because I've done the hard work.

​You see... I've come together with a​ meditation audio expert who speciali​zes in the art of pattern-induction and sacred geometry to bring you...

​A powerful manifestation shortcut  

​One which enables ANYONE to quickly induce a positive pattern and raise their vibration for effortless success!

​If it is in your desire to ​be:

1. Wealthier

2. Healthier

3. Live Happier

4. Have More Abundance

5. Live A Life Overflowing With Love



You can now manifest TOTAL ABUNDANCE ​at ​a click of the button!

​T​hat's right!

​All the hard work has been done for you​.

​I have been there, I totally understand the lack of abundance and that is why I did this...

...I want to make sure ​you ​REAP ALL THE BENEFITS of my passion project.

​With it, you can start to...

​Manifest ANYTHING you desire the right way.

Whether it be money to pay your bills...

A good holiday...

Your favorite car...

​A big house for yourself or your loved ones...

Yantra Manifestation

​...Is designed not only to simplify but to make the art of manifestation EFFECTIVE through pattern-induction of the mind.

​There are no additional materials to consume... no lectures to attend, no complicated rituals to perform...

You can be a total beginner and this will still work — you can actually start seeing results in the next 24 hours!

This Special Program Comes ​With These:

​​​1) The Sri Yantra Manifestation Guide

​​It's going to get even more exciting because the second package you will receive is...

2) My Complete Sacred Geometry Code Audio System (Engineered Together With A Meditation Audio Expert)

  • Pattern Induction For Health

  • Pattern Induction For Wealth

  • Pattern Induction For Love

  • Pattern Induction For Abundance

  • Pattern Induction For Happiness

This pack contains a series of HIGH-QUALITY audio tracks designed to induce your mind ​with positive "pattern waves" so that you can attract TOTAL ABUNDANCE into your life.

With my guidance and the tools used to develop these breakthrough audio, all you have to do is to relax, click the "play" button on your digital device and you are all good to go.

As you listen to each specially-designed soundtrack, your brain will enter a deep state of manifestation through the subconscious.

​You don't have to do anything else.

​My Sacred Geometry Code Audio System does everything​ ​​​fr​​​om raising your vibration to clearing all negative patterns ​which inhibits your ability to receive the abundance that you deserve.

​​Also, let me add this...

Yantra Manifestation is effective because it has played a huge role in changing my life and I'm confident that it will do so for you too, if you do it right.

​Unlike other programs, it is also easy to use and beginner-friendly so you don't have to worry if this is your first time.

​For example:

​​Let's assume you w​ould like to manifest wealth today...

​Just simply choose the Pattern Induction For Wealth audio track, click 'play' on your device and continue with your daily chores like brushing your teeth, making breakfast...

All the while letting the soundtrack play in the background! It is that simple!

Th​e ​audio will re-calibrate your brainwaves into a pattern that is most appropriate for maximum wealth generation!

​(Just make sure you don't listen to it while driving or while operating heavy machinery — that's the only criteria.)

​My goal is to take away all the unnecessary trouble you have to go through in order to bring you a program that is not only simpl​e but ultimately, beneficial ​for your total well-being...


 Yantra Manifestation is just that!

But that's not all, there's still the best part...

​My purpose is to benefit as many people as possible with this personal project of mine and so...

I'm ​Offering Yantra Manifestation ​At VERY ​Special ​Price​...

​After I've said all that...

What do you think Yantra Manifestation should cost?

​Normally, manifestation programs like these can go upwards of USD1,500.

​But not only that, these programs are filled with countless videos, lengthy workbooks and unnecessary steps that will take you a LONG time to ​absorb and complete — let alone master the art of manifestation.

​Also, remember I said that ​most manifestation courses focus on just the aspect of feeling good and "thinking to attract"? 

​They forgot to mention on the importance of Sacred Geometry of the mind — and this is why this program is so special.

​It is manifestation on a holistic level.

​We are talking about TOTAL ABUNDANCE here — you get more than just wealth but health, happiness, love and EVERYTHING that contributes to your overall well-being.

​And you can surely see results in the next 24 hours!

​So, ​let's go back to the question again...

​How much do you think Yantra Manifestation should cost?

​$2,500...? ​$2,000...? Or maybe ​$1,500...?

​I honestly think that the value of this program ​easily exceed​ all the amount​ I've just mentioned above because of the results you will have.


​It is my desire for it to be in the hands of as many people as possible.

Because everyone deserves abundance.

​So you do ​NOT need to pay ​$2,500

N​OT ​$2,000 either...

​Nor ​$1,500...

​Heck, I won't even charge you ​$90 for it.

​Yes, you saw that right.

For just a measly ​$47, you will receive Yantra Manifestation at its lowest amount.

​​​​​​When I first told my​ close friends (who've tried out the program) about it, they thought I was crazy because who in the right mind would offer an amazing program for only ​$47?

One of them even told he would willingly pay upwards of ​$200 for just ONE audio in the package.

But I dismissed his advice because deep down in my heart, I really want as many people to experience the power of Yantra as possible.

So yes, I will keep to my promise and only charge you $2,500, $2,000, $1,500, $90 ​$47 for it.

Think about this, what's $47 when it can bring you potentially THAT MUCH MORE wealth... starting as early as the next 24 hours?

All I ask is that you take action NOW.

This special offer is only available for a VERY limited time.

​If my audio engineer or publisher decides to revise the price of their service, I have no choice but to charge at a much higher price.​​​​​

​To get started...

​Just click the button below and you will be taken to the member's area.


To help you get MORE out of this package, I've also prepared along it...



Only Available To Readers of 

This Page!

​The BONUSES include 2 additional brain-pattern ​transformation systems — worth hundreds of dollars EACH!

BONUS 1: The Gateway To Nirvana System

Gateway To Nirvana consists of 5 POWERFUL audio tracks designed to effortlessly increase your vibrations and connect you with your highest self in a matter of minutes!

What's included:

  1. The Voyager​:

    Learn to be of service to ​self and ​others – ​this audio will heighten your states of awareness associated with the ​afterlife. ​Discover how you can transcend​ beyond Earth to a ‘cosmic center’ where ​you can relax, review and reflect on ​your life experiences​​, and evolve moving forward.

    Listen to this track before bed.

  2. ​Into the Light ​— Wealth Edition:

    ​Journey into a sacred space that is within you. In this space, you’ll discover and feel the presence of joy, warmth, and inner wealth. Experience it radiating through your body language, speech, and mind… allowing it to manifest in the earthly plane, bringing ​abundance and prosperity to your workplace, family, and ​the people you care about.
  3. Om Life:

    At 432 Hz Frequency, this ​Sacred Om Sound forms a potent spiritual cocktail that expands the mind, heals the heart, and uplifts the soul.

  4. Blossoming of The Lotus:

    The Lotus is a flower that rises above the muddy waters, which represent the act of ascending above all desires and attachments. Use this track to power through your daily life, for focused meditation, daily stress elimination, and serene ambience.

    Can also be used at ceremonies or gatherings to uplift the atmosphere.

  5. Spiritual Evolution:

    ​A pattern-inducing track which will help you reach profound levels of inspiration. ​Spiritual Evolution will satisfy your creative needs and challenge you to live a more fulfilling life.

    Use Spiritual Evolution​ in the background when you are working out, running, or even cooking.

By the end of these 5 sessions, you’ll become more awakened and open yourself to receiving more miracle transmissions from the Universe.

BONUS 2: The Eightfold Blessings ($88 in value)

​As the name suggests, this blessed system contains 8 extra enlightening audio tracks specially-catered to bring you closer to your hidden spiritual powers. ​

Some of what's included are...

  • The "Karmic Connection" track which connects you with your past self and also helps you understand your soul's purpose on this plane and subsequent ones...

  • The "Garden of Zen" — be transported to a place of utmost peace and tranquility; forget your troubles, let go of your burdens and be ​refreshed with new strength to take on life's challenges thereafter.

  • ​The "Auspicious Day" track which will help you master the inner wealth game and ​be overflowing with prosperity.

These are just but a few of the amazing tracks you are going to receive in this package.

And as with every other track, all you have to do is hit the "play" button and let these specially-engineered tracks "rewire" your mind and induce the right patterns for the right benefits.

Basically, just let them do the work for you ;)

It is that simple!

​These 2 bonuses that I've presented could easily sell in the hundreds combined.

But because I want you to benefit as much as possible, I'm going to attached them to Yantra Manifestation — so you get them for FREE.

To put it into perspective, here's what you get in summary:

​3 Sacred Systems for TOTAL ABUNDANCE...

​...at JUST $47.


On top of ALL the good stuff...

​You will also have LIFETIME access to my PRIVATE Facebook Group for 1-on-1 support with me, Michael Tsering.

Michael Tsering

​​With this community of like-minded individuals, I firmly believe that your manifestation journey will be all the more fruitful and amazing.

​Wherever you are, your access to Yantra Manifestation is immediate (as long as you have your digital device with you)...

So hurry now!

Because you are reading this page, these BONUSES are EXCLUSIVE to you!

​I'm giving them to you ​because you TAKE ACTION today!

​All you have to do is to join me at the click of a button and your success is on its way to greet you!

And because my manifestation methods have worked for me...

​They WILL work for you too!​​​​​​

In fact, I am so sure you will see results, I am even willing to promise you 100% RISK-FREE...

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


Here's​​​​​​ the promise:

​​​​​​​​​Go through the Sri Yantra Manifestation Guide...

Listen to the tracks from the Complete Sacred Geometry Code Audio System at least once...

​Open your mind and allow it to experience a positive pattern-shift...

And you will see change almost instantaneously in the next 24 hours...

Here are some of what others have said about my Yantra Manifestation system...


​Landed the job I've been trying so hard for!

​You wouldn't believe it but roughly 24 hours after listening to the Pattern Induction for Wealth track, I've got a call from my interviewer telling me that I'​m hired! But the miracle is this, it is not easy to land a job in this graphic design position and I'm supposed to be scheduled for a second interview but all of that were skipped! I am so thrilled! Thank you Michael!

​BETH ROBERTS  //  Graphic Designer

​Made $15,000 this​ day!

​Business has been slow for me in the past 6 months. I was about to throw in the towel when I stumbled upon Michael's program and so I decided to give it a go — afterall, it is affordable and I have nothing to lose. At the very least, I could go back to finding a job if everything doesn't work out in the end.

​However, after ​reading the manifestation guide and a month of listening to the tracks consistently, I started seeing a spike in my sales without putting in much marketing effort — my record day was $15,000 in ​profits! Unbelievable!

Sacred Geometry works and I am grateful to Michael for this!

​MARK DE SOUZA  //  Entrepreneur


​I am able to sleep so much better!

​Dealing with stress from work and post-pregnancy has taken a toll on my sleep cycle. I was suffering from insomnia for almost 3 months — that is, until I came across Yantra Manifestation.

Now, what I do is I play the tracks at night and let myself go into a deep, peaceful slumber. I also feel so much healthier and energetic nowadays!

​DANA ISABEL  //  ​Financial Consultant

​Imagine ​this...

​In as little as 24 hours...

​Instead of feeling bogged down by negative thoughts...

Feeling tired all the time...​​​​​​

Being seemingly stuck at every corner of life...

Through the Power of the Sacred Geometry...

You​ start to feel an immeasurable sense of power...

​An abundant sense of wealth​...

New and increased energy levels...

But it doesn't just stop there!

​You start to radiate these good things ​wherever you go.

$10,000... $20,000... $50,000... The sum in your bank account start to increase​ like never before...

You start to attract business opportunities ​like hotcakes...

Your relationships improve tremendously...


​I'm sure you will want that because you DESERVE IT!

So hurry now and stop hesitating...

Allow the power of Yantra to do the work for you today.

It is 100% risk-free on your end because you are promised my 60-day money-back guarantee!

Click on the button below to purchase and I'll see you on the inside.

​Also, I've made everything you are about to receive SUPER accessible so you can IMMEDIATELY start your manifestation journey after you buy it.

​The next 24 hours will be life-changing!


​...Still on the fence?

​I totally understand...

​Because I was once like you —

Desperately searching for a way out of the mess I was in.

​Everything was bleak...

​And when I chanced upon the Yantra Manifestation system...

I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical at first.


The results I've gotten PROVED OTHERWISE!​

You see, everything in the Universe already exists — health, wealth, love...

The whole concept of TOTAL ABUNDANCE is already there for you to CLAIM!

​There is no lack and you are about to radically discover this fact.

​I get it.

It is frustrating to be stuck in the vicious cycle of not having enough...

Of ​worrying what tomorrow will bring...

Or stale relationships and unwanted stress...

That is why...

Now Is The Time To Take This Step of Faith!

​Say "​YES" to abundance and make it YOUR reality today!

Click below and join me on this journey to TOTAL ABUNDANCE.

​Remember, as part of this exclusive offer JUST for today, you will be receiving:

  • The Sri Yantra Manifestation Guide ($97​)

  • The Complete Sacred Geometry Code Audio System ($497) - Includes 5 pattern-induction audio for TOTAL ABUNDANCE.

  • BONUS 1:  The Gateway To Nirvana System ($197) - 5 powerful, 1-hour audio tracks designed to effortlessly increase your vibrations and connect you with your highest self in a matter of minutes!

  • BONUS 2: The Eightfold Blessings ($88) - 8 extra enlightening audio tracks specially-catered to bring you closer to your hidden spiritual powers.

  • LIFETIME Access To My Private Facebook Group ($397) - 1-on-1 support with me.

​... All for just​

$1276  $47!!!

​Okay, since you are still here and reading it...

Maybe you are keen but you have questions. I get it...

Let me answer you a few that ​I commonly receive...

Question 1: I Am Really Busy With Work. Can Yantra Manifestation Still Work For Me Despite My Schedule?

​Definitely! ​Yantra Manifestation was designed for people like you in mind. ​​​​​​

​That is the reason why this program doesn't have a long course for you to go through in the first place. It is designed to help you reap as much abundance in the shortest amount of time.

​You want results and Yantra Manifestation is going to give you that. Just hit the "play" button and let the soundtracks rewire your subconscious as you go about your day's activities.

To sum it up, as long as you have a few seconds a day to hit that "play" button, everything is good.

Question 2: Are There Any Troublesome Rituals or Action To Perform For This Program To Work?

​The only action you need to perform is a click of the button on your digital device.

​Although "taking action" is a commonly preached principle in many self-help and law of attraction guides, it is much more important to have your mind patterns vibrating in a certain way for success to happen.

And this is achieved through the Sacred Geometry Code Audio System — ​There is no further action other than listening to it while you go about doing your own stuff.

Question 3: Will I Really See Results In 24 Hours?

​Many who listened to it reported results in as little as 1 day and that is why I am confident it can be the same for you... so, yes!

That being said, everyone is on a different vibrational level and ​​​​​​the ​Universal alignment of everyone happens at different stages on the cosmic timeline​. So your results may be different from another.

Always remember that there is a pattern at work so be ​rest assured ​that if you use the program faithfully, you WILL have results.

And you are unhappy at any point, send me a ​message and you will have your money back... no questions asked.

That is my level of confidence in Yantra Manifestation.

So go ahead and click on ​the button below and start your journey to TOTAL ABUNDANCE today:

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