Cover Design

Lesson 3 Module 1

Have you heard of the idiom "Do not judge a book by its cover?".

I'm sorry to say, but people DO judge whether they want to buy a book based on how enticing your cover is. Unless, you are a graphic designer, please do not try to design your cover yourself. 

Good news!

You can hire a cover designer for as low as $5 on

The graphic designers there are absolutely amazing and I've used them for my previous works too. One recommendation will be:

1) Rebecacovers

Type her username in the Fiverr Search Bar and you will be directed to her profile where you can place your order. 

Do specify what you would want your design to look like so she can create one that is pleasing to the eyes! Give them examples of book covers and they will settle the rest.

Example of a Good Cover Design:

Example of a Bad Cover Design:

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